off the record

2018, Lecture-performance :

  • conférence non performée (texte pré-enregistré et diffusé via un micro-karaoké, présence silencieuse et statique), env. 1h

Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen,

  • Innsbruck, Autriche

In mirror to the so-called « Start-Up Lecture » that marked the beginning of 2017-2018 Fellowship Program for Art and Theory Julie Sas took part in, she is proposing to conclude the time of her residency at Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen with a lecture-performance that will expose, in a specific language operation, some of the aspects and components of the research « Silent Red Alert - speculative materials on anonymity » she has conducted those past few months.

The lecture-performance Off the record will raise and investigate questions such as :

Wy is the Man without qualities composed of qualities without a man ? What if the man was a woman ? What is tested with Mister Teste ? How to quote a quote ? Can I say nothing when I mean everything ? Can I mean nothing when I say nothing ? Is anybody present ? Is imposture a kind of posture ? Can we be determined in indetermination ? How to become the coming community ? Am I what I am if I am what I am ? Who is speaking ?












Crédits photos: Julie Sas and Daniel Jarosch / Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen
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