OK OK K.O (Treignac Projet)


solo show at Treignac Projet, 2022


Untitled (Louise), 2022 - wood, insulating mat

Untitled, 2021 - crowbar, false nails

Untitled (swan song), 2022 - hoodie, megaphone

Untitled (invoice / receipt), 2022 - plexiglas, ink & pencil on paper, print on paper, metal, knuckle-duster

Untitled (screwed), 2022 - plexiglas, screws

Untitled (sonic morgue), 2022 - aluminium mounted photograph and United (invoice / receipt), 2022

Untitled (shoot, shot, shot), 2022 - polystyrene, plastics, Plexiglas, paper, ink on cardboard, carpet, metal, clay


OK OK K.O is part of an ongoing research on rage rooms as a symptom of neoliberalism's ever-renewed ability to capitalize on the crises it is responsible for, capitalizing on the feeling of anger and exhaustion, rendering the capacity to act impotent and expression meaningless. In a stripped down staging featuring a sum of composite objects whose properties are deactivated, the exhibition aims to pervert the normalized aesthetics of compulsive entertainment by confronting an anarchist iconography with forms of social or economic standardization.

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