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Design & development : Luuse



XD, solo show, curated by Elsa Vettier, Maison Populaire de Montreuil, FR

OK OK K.O, solo show at Treignac Projet, Treignac, FR 

Lumen, collective show curated my Margaux Bonopera / More Projects, art-o-rama, Marseille, FR

Dial-A-Poem, curated by Benjamin Thorel, John Giorno Foundation 


A propos de neige fondue, solo show, Roussin, Paris, FR

How to disappear completely and never be found, collective show curated by Ekaterina Shcherbakova & Ekaterina Shcherbakova, Typography Art Center, Krasnodar, RUS

[Sans titre], collective show curated by More Projects, art-o-rama, Marseille, FR


Blind Spot, duo show with Dominique Hurth, curated by Marie DuPasquier, Display, Berlin, DE

Your Friends and Neighbors, collective show, gallery High Art, Paris, FR

Stone in Focus, collective show, DOC, Paris, Fr

I’m Not Your Territory, We Are My Only Character, collective show, curated by Antonin Giroud-Delorme, Atelier Chiffonnier, Dijon, FR


La Mue de l'arc, collective show curated by Julia Borderie and Simon Zaborski, Atelier Berger Milà, Paris, FR

I see (and other ways of saying I see what you mean), solo show and reading, curated by Ekaterina Shcherbakova, All the Best, Paris, FR

Shoot, shot, shot, solo show and reading, The Watch / at the former GDR watchtower, Schlesisches Busch, Berlin, DE

Deux verres d'eau, collective show curated by GLC, Le POST, Paris, FR

Let's play house, collective show by The Cheapest University, Treignac Project, Treignac, FR

A crisis is a crisis is a crisis, solo show and reading at Vivarium, Rennes, FR


Pleasure of Missing Out, program of workshops and discussions by The Cheapest University, La Salle de bain, Lyon, FR

A part that is missing never breaks, collective show curated by Andrei Siclodi, Kunstpavillon, Innsbruck, AUS

Off the record, lecture-performance, Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen, Innsbruck, AUS

A theory of obscurity, exhibition-performance by The Cheapest University, Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen, Innsbruck, AUS


Cas de figures, solo show, program "Résonance de la Biennale de Lyon", curated by Sylvie Vojik , art3, Valence, FR

What’s in my bag, program of performances and talks, The Cheapest University, Paris Internationale, FR

On the Natures of Things: Contingency—Resistiveness—Invisibility—Desire, collective show curated by Andrei Siclodi, Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen, Innsbruck, AUS

Also Known As, performance in the context of festival «Do Disturb» (programme BYOP), curated by Vittoria Matarrese, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, FR

We dance round in a ring and suppose, collective show curated by Yasmina Hatem and Sergio Verastegui, Atelier Verastegui / More Project, Saint-Ouen, FR

I can see right through, performance in the context of programme «territoire #2», curated by Vincent Verlé, Nancy, FR


Dossier n°560, in the context of performance programme «.perf 2016», curated by Madeleine Amsler and Marie-Eve Knoerle, Geneva, CH

No-where? Now-here! The Molecular Books of Life – Colleges of Unreason, collective show curated by Dimitrina Sevova and Alan Roth, Corner College, Zurich, CH

Also known as also known as, solo show on Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève's booth at artgenève, Palexpo, Geneva, CH

Basically, they wanted to do a revolution, installation on HEAD-Genève's booth at artgenève, in the context of price New Heads 2015, Palexpo, Geneva, CH

Also known as, solo performance, Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève, CH


Get Out, New Heads Fondation BNP Paribas Art Awards, collective show curated by Latifa Echakhch, LIYH, Geneva, CH

Poetics of relation, collective show curated by Bettina Malcomess and Uriel Orlow, LIYH, Geneva, CH

You are cordially invited, curating, in collaboration with Nayoung Kim and Eléonore Pano-Zavaroni, gallery Duplex100m2 at Supermarket Independent Art Fair, Stockholm, SWE

Ethiopia / Utopia, collective show curated by Marie de Brugerolle, LIYH, Geneva, CH


Magnus, scènes de l'imaginaire automate, collective show, curated by Paul Bernard and MAMCO, Villa Bernasconi, Genève, CH

Double Trouble, Yvon Lambert bookshop, collective show and launching (Emboîtement - petite économie de l'immobile), Paris, FR

I never spoke chess (variation for a retreat), solo show, curated by Collectif Rodynam, Lokal-int, Biel/Bienne, CH

The night of the tumblr on fire, performance, in context of exhibition «All that falls», curated by Marie de Brugerolle and Gérard Wajcman, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, FR

La maison pense au présent, in collaboration with Marcel Zaes, z00 gallery, Lausanne, CH

Combustion, collective show, curated by Yann Chateigné, gallery Saks, Geneva, CH


Last Dance, collective show, gallery Gourvennec Ogor, Marseille, FR

Plus jamais seul, collective show, espace Standards, Rennes, FR

Une exposition, curated by QQCH, Rosa Brux, Bruxelles, BE

Jeune Création 2013, 104, Paris, FR

Les formes précaires, collective show, curated by Aurélie Pétrel and Etienne Chosson, Cité internationale des Arts, Paris, FR

Ulysses was born in Trieste, collective show, curated by Dora Garcia, LIYH, Geneva, CH

Site-specific, collective show, Urgent Paradise, Lausanne, CH

Qui aurait pu imaginer une chose pareille?, collective show, curated by Karine Vonna-Zurcher, Maison de la Catalanité, Perpignan, FR

You are cordially invited, curating, in collaboration with Eléonore Pano-Zavaroni and Nayoung Kim, gallery Duplex/100m2 at Supermarket Independent Art Fair, Stockholm, SW


The still untitled board, Festival «Les Urbaines», in collaboration with Pedro Wirz and Samuel Leuenberger, Lausanne, CH

Art in the age of extinction, collective show, curated by Karine Vonna-Zurcher, Cerbère, FR

En cours de travaux/travaux en cours, collective show, Musée d’Art Moderne de Saint-Etienne Métropole, France

Vinilica, collective show, curated by Delphine Reist and Marcel Zaes, Swiss Institute, Roma, IT


Open House, School of Visual Art, New York, USA

Empruntes Numériques #5 - de l'évaporation de la notion d'auteur, collective show, Centre culturel de Bellegarde, Toulouse, FR

Ein / Aus, collective show, curated by Ambroise Tièche et Dephine Reist, Halle 14-Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany