Julie Sas

Born in 1990 in Paris
Lives and works in Paris

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Design & development : Luuse

Writings / publications / editions


type, Dona Quixote Press / The Cheapest University, Paris, France


Coll. Anne Boyer - traductions, DQ Press, The Cheapest University, Dona Quichotte & After 8 Books press, Paris, France

Coll. I love Dickinson, text for Initiales #12 - Sylvère Lotringer, The Cheapest University, Ensba Lyon / Fondation d'Entreprise Ricard, Lyon/Paris, France

Coll. How to become a soft corpse recomposed in light fabric, revue, Dona Quichotte Press, The Cheapest University, Paris, France

Coll. Zine - to March, Clandestine Life of the BoycottGiiirls, Corner College Press, Zurich, Switzerland

Un cabinet d'amateur, text for Johana Blanc, in the context of her exhibition at Zabriskie Point, Geneva, Switzerland


Notes de la rédaction, Héros-limite & HEAD-Genève, collection «Courts lettrages», Geneva, Switzerland

Cas de figures, edition pulished in the context of solo show Cas de figures, art3, Valence, France

Coll. How to become a body double, Dona Quichotte Press, The Cheapest University, Paris

(sans titre), text for Guillaume Durrieu, in the context of his exhibition "Rouge" at Rabouan Moussion


Coll. Antichambre, HEAD-Genève, collection : Ouvrages, dir. Carla Demierre, series of readings, texts and sound pieces, at Mamco, Musée d'Art Moderne et Contemporain de Genève, in the occasion of its 20th anniversary / Design : Clovis Duran

Coll., Poetics of Relation: Slippery Sessions, WITS School of Art / HEAD–Genève ; dir Bettina Malcomess and Uriel Orlow / Design : Denise Bertschi


Emboîtement - petite économie de l’immobile, edition of 100, with the support of Yvon Lambert and Jeune Création / in the context of price "Coup de coeur Yvon Lambert" at Jeune Création 2013

catalogue of exhibition «Magnus, scènes de l’imaginaire automate», Villa Bernasconi, Geneva, Switerland


catalogue of exhibition Jeune Création 2013

magazine Oscillations, # A, November 2013